Assassination suspect admits targeting Japan’s Shinzo Abe: Police

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    The suspected killer of Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe admitted targeting the politician and said he held a grudge against an organisation he believed Abe was connected to, police have said.

    The SPGB has written several articles that show his real political career, he was not the politician eulogized by the Western press, his main goal was to eliminate the ‘Pacifist clause” of the Japanese constitution and to rearm Japan again and the Western power were also supporting him

    ‘Abenomics’: Japan Retests a Failed Experiment

    New Prime Minister for Japan: business as usual


    Regardless of the exact reason for the assassination, the Japanese government will use Abe’s assassination to intensify its attacks on democratic rights, as it ramps up its preparations for war against China in particular. It plans to double military spending to make Japan the third-largest spending country on the armed forces in the world.

    Abe’s second term in office marked a significant shift to the right in the Japanese establishment. Abe was a member of the ultra-nationalist organization Nippon Kaigi, which promotes remilitarization, historical revisionism to cover up the crimes of the Japanese military in the 1930s and 1940s, and the restriction of democratic rights. Many other leading government figures, including Prime Minister Kishida, also belong to this organization.

    Abe regularly addressed Nippon Kaigi, pledging to push through constitutional changes that would explicitly recognize the legality of Japan’s military, the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), in a move that would pave the way for Article 9’s eventual abolition. This would allow Japanese imperialism to more aggressively assert itself overseas in coordination with US war preparations aimed at China.


    Yes he was a revanchist who wanted to revive Japanese militarism. Which of course is why US and other Western politicians are heaping praise on him. They see a re-militarised Japan as an counterweight to China. Also they don’t like the idea of politicians being assassinated for their views as they could be next. We don’t either of course.


    In China some ultra nationalists groups ( Similar to Abe ) are celebrating his assassination and the government of China hypocratically is trying to stop the celebrations. He was a stone on their shoes, but the rearming of Japan will continue because the ruling class of Japan wants to reactive the old Japanese military empire to participate in global affairs and to expand its own market and might enter into rivalry with other world powers including China, Capital is one of the enemy of the capitalists

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