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    Since ex-Trot Paul Mason outed the frontrunner to replace Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, as a fellow ex-Trot, albeit from a different sect, Tory party activists have been digging up confirmation:

    I can’t remember “Socialist Alternatives”, can anybody? Or to what extent they were Trotskyists, though I notice that one of the contributors is Michel Raptis, “member of the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency’s international secretariat”. He is the famous “Pablo” behind the term of abuse “Pabloite” that Gerry Healey and the SLL used to throw at rival Trotskyists. But then Raptis was just listed as a contributor, so we can’t say that Sir Keir was a Pabloite. No doubt some other leftwing trainspotter will be able to throw more light on his ex-Trot credentials.

    One positive thing could be that the Labour Party could have another Leader who is acquainted with us and our point of view, even though opposed to it of course.

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