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    Mike Foster

    ‘Open Door’ was a BBC programme which gave airtime to various community groups and organisations with minimal editorial input from the BBC. The YouTube link below is for a 1974 edition of the programme, which is mostly about a sexual health advice service, but at the end is a seven-minute presentation by ‘Albion Free State’. This was an anarchist(ic?) collective with a vision of a network of communities based on principles of self-sufficiency, environmentalism, free love and free access. It was an offshoot from the politicised squatting movement which tried to establish the independent state of Frestonia, and the name was revived when the ‘Free State of Albion’ declared its own territories in 2012.
    Anyway, Albion Free State’s manifesto at the end of ‘Open Door’ is worth watching more for the bonkers way it’s presented than for the jumble of utopian ideas they had. Apparently members of the AFS had a fight in the TV studio and were barred from then appearing on screen, hence the last-minute lash-up which was broadcast. Jump to 47 minutes in:


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