Afghan Taliban and Foreign Relations

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    J Surman

    A very interesting read from a long time Indian Foreign Service individual, Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, regarding current meetings and visits between the Taliban and a number of representatives of various nations, including UK.


    They need money they are running dry unless they continue dealing with opium market


    An interesting article on the drug trade and the Taliban

    During the insurgency years, the Taliban profited from the trade by taxing traffickers, a practice applied on a wide variety of industries in the areas under their control. Research by David Mansfield, an expert on the Afghan drug trade, suggests the group made $20 million in 2020, a small fraction compared to other sources of revenue from tax collection. Publicly, it has always denied links to the drug trade. But the Taliban also implemented the only largely successful ban on opium production, between 2000-2001, before the U.S. invasion. Successive governments have failed to do the same.


    The drugs trade and the plantation increased more than 300% after the USA invasion, the same thing took place in Haiti

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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