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New SPGB website??

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Joined: 06/11/2011
New SPGB website??

Wasnt this supposed to be introduced some time around now?

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I would like to see the new website too.

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robbo203 wrote:
New SPGB website?? Wasn't this supposed to be introduced some time around now?

August 2017 EC minutes wrote:
i) Report from cde D Poynton of the Internet Committee on the Website upgrade project (email dated 25th July 2017)

“The website upgrade / update project has been frozen at a near completed state for some months now. To enable completion of this project I would like to request that we again hire the services of Nathan Lisgo to assist with the final stages. We estimate that the new website can be completed and uploaded to our sever within 33 hours of Nathan's time. The estimate is broken down into tasks as follows:

Integrate website menus into the migration : 1 day

Configuration of views; Views calendar, front page images and others : 1 day

Fix possible problems with forum 'quote' module : 1/2 day (depending on what's found)

Fix as yet unknown issues : 1 day

Upload to digital ocean server for test phase : 1/2 day

Implement of new site on live server : 1/2 day

This represents 33 hours which will be £1980 (including VAT).

If work is completed in under these hours the remainder will be used on further improvements and tweaks. It would be hoped that the new site would be online before the new year.”

Since then cde Poynton has resigned from the Internet Committee... and the party.

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That is a pity. I understood he resigned from the IC but i must have missed the bit where he left the Party. 

However, i am sure he still maintains a comradely attitude and so is there a possibility he can be asked to pass over the reins of the new website and the contact details Nathan Lisgo so that the project can continue.

If we approved payment for professional assistance, can we approach DJP and ask if he, too, is willing to accept a paid commission?

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There doesn't appear to be a whole lot more to do, it has been a huge undertaking converting from the one Drupal 6 CMS (content management system) to Drupal 7, so it's only dependent on how much and how often Darren and Nathan can commit time to it.

Once the website update project has been completed, we will be running on two instances of Drupal 7. The site has been built using a GIT repository meaning that the project can easily be passed on to a qualified developer as all the stages of the build have been documented.

A new department member Neil Kirk who has experience, has got involved with this update also and will liaise with Darren, again this week and potentially every two weeks after that until it's live.

I can't give, I don't have, any more detailed info than that.

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