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Friday 6 August 7.00pm BST (GMT + 1)

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Speaker: Dick Field
Humanity makes its own history, and socialists in the process of building a post-capitalist society will make choices based on what they believe to be possible and desirable. The success of the socialist project will rest in some measure on the choices made. So what arguments can we make now to ensure a positive outcome?

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Friday 13 August 7.30 BST
Host: Howard Moss

Sunday 22 August 10am BST


Speaker: Alan Johnstone

As the COP26 summit in Glasgow approaches, there is one aspect of the Socialist Party case that will inevitably be questioned by environmentalists and it is our goal to build a money-free world of abundance while simultaneously moving towards a steady-state, zero-growth society. Such an aim green activists claim is incompatible and irreconcilable.

Although viewing themselves as radical anti-capitalists, eco-warriors remain fixated on the neo-Malthusian belief that it is the excessive number of people and their unrestrained consumption which is the problem and not the fundamentals of our economic system that are at fault. We say only socialism can liberate the boundless potential of the people and release our planet’s bountiful resources to bring about a cooperative commonwealth.

Today catastrophists project a dystopian future rather than an emancipatory future. Our vision is to take over the machine, not turn it off. Automation and robotics could reduce the labour needed in manufacturing with the least expenditure on energy and less waste so safeguarding the environment from pillage and plunder.


Friday 27 August 7.30 BST


Speaker: Joy Baszucki
In a country, the USA, where the first thing you are asked when you seek medical treatment is ‘Can you pay?’, Patch Adams is a doctor who stands out for offering free health care and for having gathered together teams of other medically trained staff to do the same. Such action within the framework of the money-based system we live in can only be attractive to socialists in that it prefigures the will and ability many people have, even in capitalism, to offer their energies free of charge to those in need simply on the twin basis of empathy and personal satisfaction.

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