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All Socialist Party meetings/talks/discussions are currently online on Discord. Please contact spgb.discord@worldsocialism.org for instructions on how to join.

Wednesday 5 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
“Did you see the news?”
Topical news discussion and quiz

Friday 7 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
Is class consciousness a thing of the past?
Speaker: Anton Pruden
A sideways look at Marx’s distinction in today’s world, focussing on historical events that changed the world and how we can apply them to our revolutionary case.Why have all those calling themselves socialists, including us, failed to implement major societal change in a very unstable world? For socialism to be implemented, do we all need to embrace a whole new paradigm? Lively discussion welcome.

Wednesday 12 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
FAQ: What if we had to start the Socialist Party from scratch?
The SPGB was born into a gas-lit Edwardian England of hansom cabs and handlebar moustaches. The Russians and Japanese were fighting with coal-powered battleships, the Belgians were committing atrocities in the Congo, and Louis Bleriot had not yet flown across the Channel. Our history is a legacy and an asset, but also perhaps a burden. If we had to start from scratch today, what would we do differently?

Friday 14 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
Daily Life in Socialism
Speaker: Paul Bennett
What would life be like in a classless society based on production
for use? How could work be organised? How might people spend their
time? What would the news consist of? Would things be the same
everywhere? Listeners will be invited to propose their own ideas.
Saturday 15 May 9.30 to 17.00 (GMT + 1)
Annual Conference

Wednesday 19 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
FAQ: Is it true that the rich are not the problem?
We say the system is the problem, not the people who benefit from it. But as the wealth gap continues to widen, could there come a point where individual billionaires and even trillionaires have such iron control of the planet that revolution is no longer possible?

Friday 21 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
What is Social Progress?
Speaker: Pat Deutz
Looking back we can see that several factors have contributed to improvements in living standards including state interests, advances in technology and mass production. Yet ongoing social and environmental problems and increasing inequality and insecurity suggest that such social progress is not the answer; a more fundamental change is essential.

Wednesday 26 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)
FAQ – What’s it like being a socialist?
Speaker: Glenn Morris
Friday 28 May 19.30 (GMT + 1)

150 Years since the Paris Commune
Speaker: Jordan Levi
150 years ago this day began the assault by government troops on the democratically organised Paris Commune that had controlled Paris for the previous two months. Why was it considered a significant event in working-class history and socialist theory? Can anything be learned from it for today?


Cardiff Street Stall, Capitol Shopping Centre, Queen Street (Newport Road end). 1pm-3pm every Saturday , weather permitting.

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