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Obituary: Jim Ryder

The Passing of a Comrade

It is with sadness that we inform you that one of our New Zealand comrades, Jim Ryder, has passed away. James Alan Ryder (known as Jim) was born in Liverpool July 18 1931, and died October 25 2019.

He spent a good part of his life as a merchant seaman, and having visited New Zealand many times, decided to settle here in the 1970’s.
Jim, who became involved with and joined the World Socialist Party NZ , looked forward to attending the Party meetings and participating in spreading the Socialist message at every opportunity – a comrade who lived his life as a true Socialist.
As a seaman, based in New Zealand, he was on ships which frequented the Port of Tauranga (in the Bay of Plenty) and sailed to Australia and I believe
Japan, until his retirement.
His home/work for those trips was on the Tasman Venture or Tasman Enterprise – two ships owned by Tasman Pulp and Paper NZ, and operated by the Union Steamship Co of NZ.

He was a good friend who would give you the shirt off his back – always happy, always singing, a typical Scouser. Jim loved his dogs and loved having a
beer with his friends.
In retirement he lived in Auckland and then the seaside town of Whangamata, where he passed away .
He instructed his friends in Whangamata to have his ashes put into two urns, one to join his son in Liverpool, and the other to be taken out to sea.

Maurice Gribble, on behalf of the World Socialist Party (New Zealand)