Obituary: Eileen Smith

On 24 April Eileen Smith spent the day at Ealing hospital, where a series of tests showed that she was suffering from cancer in her lungs and brain. Blind and frail, she could not care for herself alone so a place was found for her at a local nursing home where she died on 8 August.

Eileen joined the party – the old Ealing branch – in 1952. She was one of seven from the same family. Not cut out to be a speaker, she contributed to the Socialist Standard, for a while. She was branch secretary and a member of the Propaganda Committee. She showed an unusual talent for selling the Standard at outdoor meetings and on the doorstep – which helped the branch reach their sales target for the month. Clear and emphatic as a socialist, she was particularly passionate in denouncing the delusions of religion. She worked as a primary school teacher. She was also a Samaritan volunteer.

Many members of that branch are dead and others are scattered – but we remain united in our memories of her as a stalwart contributor to our work for socialism.

The Party sends its condolences to her sons, one of whom is a Party member.

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