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The Pope and the cardinals of the Vatican help organize
tours of Auschwitz for Hezbollah members to teach
them how to wipe out Jews, according to a booklet being
distributed to Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Officials
encouraging the booklet’s distribution include senior officers,
such as Lt. Col. Tamir Shalom, the commander of
the Nahshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade. The booklet
was published by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
of America, in cooperation with the chief rabbi of
Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, and has been distributed for
the past few months:

Anwar, 15, can’t read or write, but says he’s good at tunnel
work. He needs a new job as Israeli planes bombed
his workplace, one of hundreds of smuggling tunnels on
Gaza’s border with Egypt:

London’s Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson has been
labelled “out of touch” with millions of Londoners after he
described the £250,000 he is paid for a weekly column in
the as “chicken feed”. He said it was “wholly reasonable”
to take the annual fee on top of his £140,000 salary as

Sheehan’s pitch is to free ourselves from our co-dependency
with the Robber Class. “…Only buy used, only use cash or
bank debit cards, or only buy from local merchants,” she
recently wrote. They can only steal from us if we enable them.”
And when the Robber Class steals from us they generally get
away with it. Sheehan argues that Bernie Madoff was punished
so severely because he stole from the rich:

Tens of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses gathered on
Friday at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and four other major
German cities for an international congress, predicting
the demise of the “current global system.”

“Yes, I’m fully prepared for this. I have concluded that the
wars [in Iraq and Afghanistan] are not going to be ended
by politicians or people at the top. They’re not responsive
to people, they’re responsive to corporate America. The
only way to make them responsive to the needs of the
people is for soldiers to not fight their wars. If soldiers
won’t fight their wars, the wars won’t happen. I hope I’m
setting an example for other soldiers.”

When the Honduran military overthrew the democratically
elected government of Manuel Zelaya two weeks ago
there might have been a sigh of relief in the corporate
board rooms of Chiquita banana. Earlier this year the
Cincinnati-based fruit company joined Dole in criticizing
the government in Tegucigalpa which had raised the
minimum wage by 60%. Chiquita complained that the
new regulations would cut into company profits, requiring
the firm to spend more on costs than in Costa Rica: 20
cents more to produce a crate of pineapple and ten cents
more to produce a crate of bananas to be exact. In all,
Chiquita fretted that it would lose millions under Zelaya’s
labor reforms since the company produced around
8 million crates of pineapple and 22 million crates of
bananas per year

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