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Grand Old Dukes of York

“For the first time, racism is to be written into British law. British citizens are to be excluded because their skins are dark, or their grandfathers foreign . . .  In the past we have voted and worked for the Labour Party. This is the turning point. We cannot see ourselves voting for a party that goes through with this policy”.
— letter to The Times 27 February signed, among others, by Richard Titmuss and Peter Townsend.

“Some of your readers might like to know that we have no intention of quitting either the Labour Party or the Labour movement. In reacting to the Government’s Bill on the Kenya Asians, we wanted to say that this was a turning point in our attitudes to some of the policies of the present Government. Without changes in policy our allegiance will be in question. But as always we would do what we can to influence discussion about social policy within the Labour movement”.
—letter to Tribune 8 March signed by Richard Titmuss and Peter Townsend.