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Gaspers: What’s wrong with the Labour Party . . .?

  • What’s wrong with the Labour Party . . .?  (The Guardian 6.3.67).
  • Who is Harold Wilson ? (Leading Article in The Economist).
  • “There is no essential distinction between peaceful nuclear explosions and those of nuclear weapons” (Unanimous opinion of Committee of Nuclear experts, Geneva. March 9, 1967).
  • “One of the government’s main strokes of luck in the past couple of years has been the buoyancy of world trade (Wm. Davis, The Guardian March 9, 1967).
  • “I am a Conservative, but I support this Labour Government”. (Lord Thomson, reported in The Guardian March 8. 1967).
  • “The economy of this nation has to be put right . . . with a measure of harsh government.” (Labour Minister Ray Gunter, to the Scottish T.U.C. 11167.)
  • “Even if I as Chancellor did nothing, this growth in the economy would continue— this month, this week”. (Mr. Callaghan- interviewed on B.B.G “Panorama” 13.167.)