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Party News: From The Branches

Annual Conference
It is not too soon to remind Comrades that the Conference will be held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, on April 15th, 16th and 17th. A Social and Dance will he held on Saturday, April 16th: fuller details in next month’s Standard.


“Gilmac” And “H”
“Gilmac” and “H’’— these noms de plume are so well-known to readers of the Socialist Standard — but one wonders how many readers appreciate that the owners of these names have been the mainstay of the production of the official organ of the Socialist Party of Great Britain for more years than we think even they can remember? It is more than thirty-five years ago that Comrades Gilmac and Hardy first became members of the Editorial Committee, and despite pressure of personal work and domestic worries, have toiled unceasingly to ensure that the only Socialist periodical in Great Britain was published regularly. Members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain rarely express thanks (although they are nonetheless appreciative) to Comrades who have worked so well and so unstintingly for Socialism. This comment is made now, as Comrades Gilmac and Hardy have decided not to stand for the Committee this year—obviously there is a time when even Socialists must have a respite. Although not formally on the Committee, they will certainly continue to write for the Standard, and members of the present Committee (who have learned much from Gilmac and Hardy over the years) know that they can have the counsel of Comrades Gilmac and Hardy at any time.


Coventry Activity
Comrades Boylan and Walsh are very active in Coventry and in their own words “have started our own little Socialist propaganda group on January 16th, when we attended W.E.A. one-day school on “Strikes,” the lecturer being Ihe regional secretary of the T. & G.W.U.” They suggest that after they had taken part in the discussion the lecturer must have felt Maddened, Baffled and Enraged. (He is, incidentally, an M.B.E.) Comrades Boylan and Walsh intend to visit these lectures regularly in an endeavour to get the Party’s name and case well known in Coventry and before long, to form a Group there.


Glasgow May Day
After an unavoidable gap of several years the two Glasgow Branches (City and Kelvingrove) have, at great cost, booked the Cosmo Cinema for their May Day Rally, I960. They hope to have the assistance of a speaker from London, and the Branches together are going all out to make the occasion successful. A fund has been set up to defray the cost and an appeal is made to members and sympathisers in Scotland especially and elsewhere in general, to spare what they can. Please send donations to either of the Branch Secretaries addresses under Branch Directory.


Phyllis Howard