Party News: Urgent !

We are again in urgent need of funds. Our financial position has become very serious indeed.
For a long time we have been spending on essential party work more money than has come in from sales of of literature, collections and donations. Hiring halls for meetings, advertising, printing and other regular items cost far more now than they used to. We organised a number of large indoor meetings during the winter and a propaganda campaign during the last general election which involved considerable expenditure; we have organised provincial tours and, on request, have sent speakers to the provinces which have helped to drain away funds. Our normal Head Office expenses have also increased in line with our increasing activity. The result of all this is that our funds have been reduced almost to vanishing point, and at the moment we have not enough money to pay current bills.
When we are in financial straits the only people we can appeal to for assistance are our members and sympathisers, who have never failed us. To them we now appeal once more to dig into their pockets as deeply as they can and to send to us immediately whatever they can manage as the position is really serious.
Money should be sent to E. Lake, S.P.G.B., 52 Clapham High Street, London, S.W.4., who will acknowledge receipt in the usual way.