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Party News: Help to Save

We have frequently drawn the attention of members of the working class, through our literature and from the platform, that, with the introduction of new machinery, the capitalist class are able to extract more wealth from the workers. The latest device of this character which the capitalist has obtained a monopoly of, is called a “Flapper.” It is an attractive looking machine, and has become very popular amongst members of the working class. So whenever the capitalists want to “Raise the wind” for the purpose of maintaining some of those institutions which are necessary under capitalism, such as Hospitals, Orphan Homes, Churches or Famine Funds, they have only to set a few “Flappers” in motion and the trick is done.

At the present time the Socialist Party of Great Britain is in URGENT NEED of FUNDS for the purpose of carrying on our propaganda, including the publication of the “Socialist Standard” (which is being sold at a loss) and some new pamphlets which we are anxious to publish as soon as we can obtain the needful. Having no “Flappers” at our disposal, we have to fall back upon the goodwill and intelligence of our readers and also those sympathisers who wish us to carry on the work for SOCIALISM. We therefore appeal to all those persons who desire to see the knowledge of Socialism spread far and wide, to assist us by sending a DONATION (however small or large) to 17, Mount Pleasant, W.C.1.