Mr. Belloc and the Servile State

In our October issue we quoted from the Co-operative News (September 7th), the following passage from their report of an address by Mr. Hilaire Belloc:—


Under Socialism all men were to be in the servile state. There were to be no free men ordering other men about, but the politicians were to do that instead.

We invited Mr. Belloc to defend his mention of Socialism in connection with the Servile State.
We have received from him the following letter, from which it will be seen that Mr. Belloc was mis-reported:—


                                                          “Kings Land,
“Shipley, Horsham,
“October 8th, 1929.

“The Editor, The Socialist Standard,

“Dear Sir,
“I don’t know who wrote that sentence as being mine. I never said it or wrote it. The Servile State does not mean the Socialist State: it means a State in which the larger number are compelled directly by law—not indirectly, by economic pressure —to work for the benefit of the rest. In my book, the “Servile State,” I show how the tendency of which such a condition would be the final result, has now been established and is increasing in force.
“Very faithfully yours,