Some Questions On Our Policy

An Answer to a Correspondent.


A correspondent, A. J. Cave (Hornsey Rise), asks three questions :—


Question I.—In the event of your Party obtaining a majority on any Municipal Council what is your policy?


Answer.—As our candidates run only on a Socialist programme, not a programme of reforms, their election would pre-suppose the existence of an electorate, the majority of whom were Socialists fully aware of the limited uses of local Councils while the central machinery of Government remains in the hands of the Capitalist class. They would use that limited power on behalf of the workers as occasion permitted, and would naturally take advantage of their position for propaganda purposes, pointing – out, as always, the need for control of the political machinery, National and local. It may also be pointed out that the election of a Socialist majority in one area would obviously also pre-suppose the close approach to a majority generally in areas with a majority of working class voters.


Question II.—Do you run candidates for propaganda purposes only?


Answer.—If our correspondent will refer to our Declaration of Principles (in this and every number of the S.S.) he will see that our object in running candidates at elections (Parliament and local Councils) is to achieve “the conquest of the powers of Government, National and local,” in order that the machinery of Government, “including the armed forces,” may be used for the purpose of establishing Socialism.


Question III.—Can a Christian be a Socialist or a Socialist be a Christian? (I claim to be a free non-orthodox Christian).


Answer.—Unless our correspondent is using the term “Christian” in other than the accepted sense, the answer to both questions is No!


We cannot do better than refer him to our pamphlet, “Socialism and Religion,” which deals exhaustively with the whole question.


Ed. Comm.