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Letters: Answers to Correspondents

J. Cohen (Manchester).—Your use of the term “intellectuals” as those interested in intellectual matters such as science, philosophy, etc., does not constitute them a class as that is used as an economic classification. The use of the term “intellectuals” in the above sense is very vague and is not of sufficient importance to even classify them as a section of society. The term “intellectuals” is mostly used to refer to those who pose as the guides and leaders of the masses.


Mrs. Betts (Buckhurst Hill).—Your criticism of a “Talk to Wives and Mothers” has been forwarded to the writer, and her reply will appear in the next issue.


H. W. R. Keeble (Catford), R. M. Phillips (Hornsey), R. Chapman (S.E.17), J. Dillon (Fenton).—Your rejoinders to our replies will be dealt with in next issue.