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Party News: An Appeal to Manchester Readers

The Socialist Party of Great Britain exists as a result of the war between the classes —the antagonism of interests between the class of wage-workers and the class of property-owning employers. Its work, at present, lies in its efforts to arouse the wage-earners to a conscious recognition of their class slavery. The need for such a party is felt when one realises the amazing lack of class consciousness existing amongst the working-class.


To-day, the workers give their support to capitalism because they are saturated, quite unconsciously, in the majority of cases, with the ideas of the ruling class. They oppose the Socialist philosophy because they do not understand it. Not understanding it, they do not desire it. These capitalist ideas amongst wage-workers have to be fought, and their opposition to Socialism has to be removed, before we can organise effectively for the abolition of the capitalist system.


The work of spreading Socialist knowledge—and we are the only party that is doing this work—is a big job, and we are in need of many more members to help along this campaign. The larger the organisation, the more widely known can we make our object and principles.


To all Manchester friends and sympathisers, we make a special appeal and ask “Why not join us now?” We want your support, not only as readers of the Socialist Standard, but as members of the organisation.


The Manchester Branch has recently been re-organised, but at present is handicapped by a small membership. We are ambitious and restless. We want to grow and forge ahead, and as quickly as possible. We want to become known by the extent of our activities. We want to send up the Manchester sales of the “S.S.” We want to hold many indoor and outdoor meetings, and make the Party’s name and activities a mark of fear amongst those anti-working class organisations, the Conservative, Liberal and so-called Labour parties.


All this can be realised if all our Manchester sympathisers will join up, and help us in the fight against working-class political ignorance and apathy, and for the spreading of Socialist knowledge amongst the wage-earners.


Come then, all you unattached Manchester and district sympathisers. The Branch needs you. Don’t put off the good intention until someone else has made up their mind to join. Set the example. Join now and help towards making the world fit for workers to live in. Don’t merely keep on wishing that the workers were more alive to their wage-slavery status. Come in and help the Party towards making them Socialists.


Socialism is the only hope for the working class—all else is illusion. But Socialism will only come when a majority of wage-workers understand it and desire it. That time can be hastened or retarded by YOUR joining, or remaining apart from, the only party worthy of working-class support.


Class-consciousness is the first essential. Organisation to help in furthering it is the next. Here’s the organisation. Come in and join us now’.


W. Addison


Branch Secretary