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Editorial: Forward!

We are on the threshold of a new propaganda season. It has been a remarkable winter, with weather conditions that have permitted us to employ our scanty forces to the full in outdoor effort, and much valuable work has been accomplished ; but after all, winter is winter, and it is not only those of heroic minds and hardy constitutions that we have to deliver our message to. Hence with the coming of the season of longer days and warmer suns there is a quickening of life in field of Socialist endeavour, as in most other directions.

The opening season is likely to be one of exceptional importance. It is the first season in which the adverse economic backwash of a stupendous war comes flooding in upon the workers of this country. We have had bad years before and in plenty, but there is this factor about the present period of depression. It follows on years of terrible suffering from the ravages of war, and eloquently belies all the capitalist promises and assurances. Those who have suffered so much to make “a land fit for heroes to live in” will have the real meaning of such phrases borne in upon them with ample force, and will have to ask themselves who the world really belongs to.

In addition, the capitalist have now obtained just those conditions which are necessary to enable them to beat down wages—a clamouring unemployed army—and the next few months will undoubtedly see gigantic struggles over wage and hours issues. Let us strive to take full advantage of the opportunities thus offered.