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Editorial: Concerning Ourselves

We prophesied last month that “your ‘S.S.’ would cost you more,” and lo ! it has come about. The truth is, of course, that we did not prophesy before we knew, which may be accounted unto us for wisdom ; and if the warning was brief, and tucked away in what in any other paper would be an obscure corner, it was not with the idea of preventing the knowing ones from laying in a big stock before the price rose —though it must be admitted that the more we sold at a penny the more we lost.

No ! such sordid considerations are beneath us. We are poor, but we hope we are large-minded enough to say that anyone is welcome to buy as many copies of “ours” as he likes—for cash—whatever the price we are charging. The fact is that it was only at the last hour that the decision was arrived at to take advantage of the Profiteering Act, and time and space only permitted of a brief announcement.

And so the SOCIALIST STANDARD is now twopence, if you please. Doubtless when the Commission of Enquiry has got through with Messrs. Coats they will turn their attention to us, so we will reserve for them the facts relating to the abandonment of our policy of giving our paper away ; meanwhile may we suggest that though the purchaser of “ours” cannot hope to find relief in seeking a substitute, ” ‘cos there ain’t none,” he can economise by reading his copy twice, or, better still, by putting it in circulation among his friends.

(Socialist Standard, March 1920)