Editorial: To the Comrades of The Greater War


After nearly fourteen years’ consistent propaganda the Socialist Party of Great Britain feels justified in making this special appeal for immediate assistance.

During its career the Party has accomplished much, but an enormous work yet remains to be done. Maintaining the Socialist position against all corners, its growth has been slow but sure ; yet on all occasions and in every “crisis,” by fearlessly applying its Principles, it has been able to take up the correct working-class attitude. Owing to the war conditions of the last three years expenses have increased while many means of income have been denied the Party. Its accumulated funds have gone and there is now a danger that financial difficulties may hinder its development and impair its efficiency as the instrument of the Social Revolution.

The failure of the capitalist system to properly meet the requirements of human society—clear to us in times of “peace”—is now, in the course of the struggle on the bloody battlefield, faintly dawning on many others of our class, and a greater opportunity, as well as a greater need, for Socialist propaganda may speedily present itself. The question arises, will the funds be forthcoming for the great offensive ?

Larger and better-equipped Headquarters are required. Our Party Organ, The Socialist Standard, the cost of producing which has increased three-fold during this war, must be maintained and its circulation and influence increased. Leaflets, Pamphlets, and books, so urgently required, must be brought out. Full-time propagandists must be appointed and utilised to the greatest possible extent. All this requires money.

Comrades, capitalism has been tried and found wanting. Socialism stands challenged ! Shall we fulfil our mission ? Shall the S.P.G.B. carry on ? Shall the Party that has never erred, and The Socialist Standard that has never faltered, fail for lack of funds ? “‘Tis ye must hasten and answer.” All can help—all may contribute to the special collection. A Finance Committee has been appointed with a view to raising at least £1,000 for Socialism, and this must be done immediately. Collecting sheets will be sent to all who are willing to help, and all sums received will be acknowledged in The Socialist Standard.

Books, works of art or any other useful articles are acceptable ; offers, donations, and enquiries should be addressed to:


We shall then do the necessary of behalf of the S. P. G. B.


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