Party News:

New S.P.G.B. Publication.


We have to announce that we have published a report of the debate which took place at Tooting on May 21st between our comrade, J. Fitzgerald and Mr. Samuel Samuels, prospective Conservative candidate for Wandsworth, on the subject of “Socialism v. Tariff Reform.” The pamphlet consists of 48 pages, and the price is—for democracy sake. 1d.


Light, More Light!


An Economic Class is held at the Head Office on Friday nights st 8 o’clock. Will those who have nothing to learn come and teach ?


A Central Speakers’ Class has been established in order to equip more comrades for the platform. The classes are held at the Head Office, 193, Gray’s Inn Road, every Saturday evening at 7.30. It is urged upon ail comrades to attend.


Books Received.


American Socialism of the Present Day,” by J. W. Hughan, PhD. London: John Lane. 7s. 6d.


Aug. Bebels “My Life.” T. Fisher Unwin. 7s. 6d.


Experiments in Industrial Organisation,” by Edward Cadbury. London: Longman & Co. 5s. net. (To be reviewed next issue.)