[Election results] Burnley. Tooting.

The two candidates we placed in the field for the recent Municipal elections polled fifteen votes between them !

Tamlyn faced Dan Irving and Schofield fought Thomas, the secretary of the Burnley Weavers’ Association. We do not claim to have won either a numerical or a moral victory, but we gave the S.D.P.’ers an opportunity for a straight vote and so made them declare themselves for what they are. Particularly between Schofield and the very orthodox Labourist Thomas one would have thought the choice was clear enough, but S.D.P.’ers did what—being what they are—they ought.

Although our poll was so minute we claim to have done good work, and are not dissatisfied with the result.

The result of the recent Borough Council election proves that there was a solid revolutionary vote of 56 in the single ward we fought, but four votes separating our three men—60, 58, 56. The result, as showing the success of our efforts to have recorded for us none but sound votes, is very gratifying. That so large a proportion of our supporters should, have voted for all three of our men indicates an appreciation, not of persons, but of principles, and justifies us in the claim that our teaching has been clear and to the point. We think that we found 56 supporters for the Revolution, and are encouraged in the hope that it is not alogether hopeless to appeal to the electorate upon the straight issue—Socialism.

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