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“But for Blatchford’s valiant roaring there would have been no I.L.P. to-day, no Old Age Pensions, and no ‘Socialistic Budget,'” says A. M. Thompson in the Clarion in the course of an attack on Wells of the swelled head. It is not everyone who would have boasted of these things. Many, indeed, are ready to blame the ignorance of the worker and the wiles of the capitalist for the existence of these frauds. But one never knows. Perhaps we misunderstand the Clarion. It may be that its phenomenal modesty and excessive zeal for fair play have induced it to take all the blame upon itself. Or it may be that the echoes of ignorance that compose the Clarion staff are under the illusion that they are giants of intellect and therefore the great moving forces of the “movement” which they do not even understand. Evidently Mr. Wells is not the only sufferer from “swelled head.”

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