[“Atheistic” Socialists]

Mr. Joynson-Hicks, M.P., speaking at the annual meeting of the Church Pastoral Aid Soc. on May 6th, was sorry to see the anti-Christian propaganda that was going on under the name of Socialism. He did “not refer to the sloppy kind of sentimentality called Christian Socialism, but to the real, genuine article of Karl Marx.” One can understand why Christian “Socialists” do not concern him. They are quite safe under the care of their shepherds. It is the “Atheistic” Socialists who disturb the peace of mind of Mr. Joynson-Hicks and his kind. He may be told here that there is no other brand of Socialism than the “Atheistic” brand.

Socialism can only come with the downfall of capitalism, and since “capital” and “God” are almost synonymous today, the gentleman argues that “the real, genuine article of Karl Marx” is atheistic—an interesting example of arriving at a correct conclusion by unsound reasoning.


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