Party News: Tottenham U.D.C. Election

Tottenham Branch put forward three candidates in the U.D.C. election, and good propaganda work was done. The local capitalist Press assisted by pointing out that our men had no connection with other “Socialists,” and leaflets were issued by the enemy stating that our nominees would represent, not the ratepayers, but the S.P.G.B. After doing all we could to prevent non-Socialists voting for us the result was:

HIGH CROSS WARD (Two Vacancies).
Fremain (Tory) 409
*Dobson (Labour and Progressive) 240
*Cottle (Labour and Progressive) 220
Kent (S.P.G.B.) 60
Stearn (S.P.G.B.) 54

ST. ANN’S WARD (One Vacancy).
* Taylor (Tory) 472
Anderson (S.P.G.B.) 157

*Retiring Councillors