Answers to Correspondents

Mr. B. Sansome, of East Finchley, sends us a 4 pp. leaflet entitled “Socialism : A Great Fraud.” It purports to be an exposure of Socialist economic fallacies, but as the fallacies are largely the author’s own the exposure is more amusing than instructive. In a letter sent with the leaflet our correspondent says that he has already sent it to the Clarion, Labour Leader, Justice, etc, but those ”Socialist” papers were too cowardly to consider it. Mr. Sansome’s ability to “expose” Socialism may be gauged from the fact that he considers the above named papers Socialist ones, while in his “exposure” he quotes the Liberal M.P. Chiozza Money, the new theologian R. J. Campbell, the imperialistic, jingo S.D.P. representative, F. G. Jones, and Victor Grayson of the Labour Party as Socialist authorities! After that, anything ! Mr. Sansome has spoken. Selah !


The vote is what the man behind it is. The man behind the vote is the voter.
Only the Socialist can cast a vote for Socialism.

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