Party News: From Our Branches



In Peckham we have not been lacking in energy, our Branch meetings continue to be well attended.


We have had to give up outdoor meetings on account of the weather, but we intend to hold indoor meetings if we can manage to get the use of a school-room or any convenient place.


The Liberals have had another meeting in the Peckham Tabernacle, a hall that holds between three and four hundred people, but it received very little support, as there were only about one hundred persons present. They had a special speaker sent down by the Liberal Party, a Mr. Paul, who was assisted by Lord Monkswell, and others.


The meeting was in support of the candidature of Mr. Goddard Clarke, a candidate by Devine right, who told the meeting that it cost him £5 more a week in sugar, and that it was time he entered Parliament as a Liberal. We fear, however, that it is not cheap sugar, but the sweets of office the Liberals want.


About a dozen of our members turned up, and made it very uncomfortable for Messrs. Paul, Monkswell, Clarke & Co. with questions; so that they closed the meeting in a hurry, or, perhaps, the meeting was not quite sweet enough for them, in spite of sugar.


Our Friday evening discussions still take place, and we shall be glad to welcome any comrades at them.


We also have a Tea and Social on the first Sunday in every month, at which we enjoy ourselves, and trust all comrades who can will come and enjoy themselves with us.


Walter Russell.