Answers To Correspondents

  • F. Meyer (Luxemburg).—Thanks for congratulations. We shall do our best to hold aloft the flag here.
  • J. E. (Kirkintilloch).—Back numbers have been sent and your request with regard to future issues shall be complied with.
  • Fr. M. (Hamburg).—If you will state wherein we differ as to the tactics to be pursued by the Socialist Party, we shall be glad to discuss the matter with you. We shall welcome the notes promised. The historical sketches showing the development of free thought in this country would of course be of good educational value, and your suggestion will be borne in mind, but The Socialist Standard functions purely as a Socialist propagandist journal, and the calls on our limited space are too great already. When we can afford an enlarged issue the scope of our observations can be extended.
  • H. J. H. (Euston).—Business communications should be addressed as per official notice on page 4.
  • M. F. (Vienna).—Your request has been attended to.
  • J. H. W. (Denmark Hill).—Your communication is dealt with separately in this issue.
  • A. S. (Prague).—Remittances need not be crossed. We have not yet opened a banking account.
  • Peckham Branch.—Thanks for sight of document. It is being returned. Please inform your Branch Correspondent that reports should be sent to 5, Arvon Road, Highbury, N. A delay of one week has occurred in the receipt of the last communication owing to this instruction not being observed.
  • J. H. K. (Ilford), J. P. W. (Dulwich), and others.—. Matter received.