Was this prophetic


Quoth he, “I am resolved to be
Thy scholar in this mystery ;
And therefore first desire to know
Some principles on which you go—
What makes a knave a child of God
And one of us ? —”A livelihood.”
“What renders beating out of brains,
And murder, godliness ?”—”Great gains.”
“What makes you encroach upon our trade
And damn all others'” ?—”To be paid.”
“What makes all doctrines plain and clear?”—
About two hundred pounds a year.”
“And that which was proved true before.
Prove false again?”—”two hundred more.”
“And what makes breaking of all oaths
A holy duty ?”—”Food and clothes.”
“What’s orthodox and true believing
Against a conscience?”—”A good living.”

From Hudibras by SAMUEL BUTLER, 1612-1680,

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