Change is needed

Seems like we need change, urgently.

But we need to remember what we are dealing with.

The profit system is worldwide.

This means that the actions of all national governments are limited by the need for the system to yield profit. No matter what politicians promise, in or out of office, in the end they always have first to look to the needs of the capitalists.

This doesn’t mean, by the way, that funding cannot be found for cleaner air, education or subsidised childcare – provided this meets the needs of ‘the economy’. And that it is kept it as cheap as possible to avoid scaring the markets.

And any improvements that are achieved will always be threatened when the next slump or recession occurs, as it inevitably will.

Tinkering will not fix things

So you’ll find no talk on our website about ways to tinker with capitalism – our only interest is to spread understanding amongst our fellow workers that our best interests will be served by ditching the profit motive once and for all.

But let’s look at what we propose to replace it – socialism.

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