Class consciousness

What it means

Class consciousness is the understanding that capitalism will always work against the economic interests of us, as workers and producers,

It is the understanding that our current class position ensures that we are always, inevitably, just a few days or weeks or months away from destitution in the event of one of capitalism’s regular crises.

It is the understanding that, as the socialist form of production will be free from economic coercion, it will be reliant on the voluntary cooperation of the majority.

The purpose of our party is to help to achieve this understanding. This is another reason why the SPGB does not seek support on the basis of reforms. Why should we urge people to go after crumbs when the entire bakery is there for the taking?

A common misconception

It should also be obvious now that the revolutionary change we are talking about, based as it has to be on a highly developed productive system and on the consent/participation of a conscious majority, is quite plainly nothing to do with the events that occurred in economically backwards countries like Russia in 1917 or China in 1949, irrespective of the claims often made that these were something to do with socialism.

Ah but… haven’t we forgotten ‘human nature’?

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