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    “And they matter here in the City of London too, because markets thrive on stability, and our prosperity rests on a world that is safe for the passage of trade.

    And when the rules are broken, volatility and instability follow. When aggression is left unchecked the costs ricochet through global markets. This affects people everywhere, and especially the world’s poorest.”

    “The role of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, even with a war in Europe, is more than just focusing on defending the nation.

    It is about a maximalist approach to the military instrument. Using our power and influence in all its guises: both to further our security and prosperity. But especially – when we get it right – to add to the agency and authority of the British Government and the nation.”

    “That our interests are best served by the indirect application of power – particularly economic power – by, with and through our partners.

    And that we focus to ensure we provide disproportionate effect and to achieve operational advantage.

    This audience will recognise these aspects in the City’s own strengths. The capital flows, the deal-brokering, the expertise in mergers and acquisitions; the adherence to the stability that the-rule- of-law provides for the capital – and that is what makes London one of the pre-eminent centres for global financial services.”

    Quotes for the ages: it’s good of him to spell it out so plainly. The army is not there to defend us, the Chief of Defence staff said so.


    Of course, why would an Admiral want to have a global reach?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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