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    If this carries on, isn't the Church of England going to have to have a purge, or alternatively redefine itself as being a not necessarily religious organisation? Or will they just tag it under 'God working in mysterious ways'?

    northern light

                                                                The Sixth Commandment states, "You shall not murder."In 2002, American Army Major, Peter Kilner, submitted an essay to" Military Review," entitled, " The Pentagon's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Denial."A devout catholic, when, as a young Airborne Captain, preparing to deploy to Haiti, he asked the Army Chaplain, what justified the killing he might do? The Chaplain replied, " of course it's the right thing to do, wer'e soldiers. The President told us to do it. That makes it right."In his essay, Major Kilner wrote, " soldiers who kill reflexively in combat, will likely, one day reconsider their actions reflectively. If they are unable to justify to themselves why they killed another human being, they will likely and understandably suffer enormous guilt, that could balloon into post-traumatic stress disorder. Top Brass who ignored the issue, were, " treating their soldiers as commodities, not as persons. 20% of american combat troops develope P.T.S.D. A British Army Chapllain, when confronted by young inquiring minds who ask, " How come you talk to us about God, when we have to go out and kill?" said, If anyone thinks there is an easy answer to that one

     good luck !  All I could was to help the troops to see that the country had the right to both rule and defend itself and that the Christian had a moral obligation to be involved in both." The Second Vatican Council states, ( gaudium et spes, No 79 ) " Those who are pledged to the service of their country, as members of it's armed forces, should regard  themselves as agents of security and freedom, on behalf of their people. As long as they fulfill the roll properly, they are making a genuine contribution to the establishment of peace."                                    

Viewing 3 posts - 526 through 528 (of 528 total)
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