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    ALB wrote:
    I got a joke result too — technical middle class, just because I don't go the opera or know a solicitor. The whole thing is rubbish, or at most a game. Or maybe something more sinister: an attempt to create the illusion that a wage and salary working class no longer exists or is only a dwindling 14% of the population.

     LOL. What a joke.   I got technical middle class even when I did put that I know a solicitor and went to the opera.   In fact, I tried answering that I know postal workers and shop assistants and listen to rock and go to gigs.  I also tried putting I know a solicitor and office manager and go to the opera and the theatre.  I then tried mixing them about.  Whatever I put, it made no difference.  I'm still technical middle class.  Even dafter –  the description they give of technical middle class doesn't fit me at all.  Clearly their definition of this 'class'  is primarily based on financial information 


    Yesterday Liam Fox, the pompous ass who was forced to resign as Defence Minister over some scandal, told the Daily Telegraph that the Tories should "talk the language of Dog and Duck".  It's nice to see the Tories having to grovel for votes but what is interesting is the reason he gave for appealing to the man in the working-class pub:

    Dr Fox – who was brought up in a council house and is a member of the Blue Collar Tory campaign group – said the Conservatives had to learn to speak the language of ordinary working class voters.  The demographics of Britain in the 21st century – with 58 per cent of people describing themselves as “working class” – meant that the Tories had to appeal this group to win the next general election, due in 2015.

    So he, for one, doesn't accept this new seven-class system.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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