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    sarda karaniwan
    stanislavdoskocil wrote:
    You Bolshevik pigs spout equality over anything but you make fun of a black slave wow thats a great comparison, i guess you commies wanted me to stay.

    Well if the aim of the site is to reach out as far as there is internet availability, I think the group wants you to stay, and I hope that goes fro me to. In a way, I'm glad you voiced out what you feel.sardaan Ordinarian

    LBird wrote:
     Well, I always engage in discussion, but it seems the SPGB/WSM doesn't do 'discussion' about 'democratic science', if Vin's last thread is anything to go by.I suppose it's just easier to catalogue me with 'Stanislav', for most posters. Not you, though, SP!

    Why don't you go over to the relevant thread and reply to Vin instead of having a go and clogging up other threads.You are off topic and trolling

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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