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    Read  this online pamphlet while I was away. It is very good. I know it is on the WSPUS site but we should consider promoting it too. In any event those here who haven’t read it yet should.



    Read this online pamphlet while I was away. It is very good. I know it is on the WSPUS site but we should consider promoting it too. In any event those here who haven’t read it yet should.


    Absolutely agree with this.  I have been linking to this pamphlet on various FB sites to which I belong.  Other comrades should consider doing the same.


    This has contributed to an increase in publicity contacts which the WSPUS is now enjoying out of which future applicants  for membership may well materialise.  It also benefits the SPGB because the American Party has prominently displayed on its website the offer of free literature, meaning the 3 month free subsription to the Socialist Standard


    By each companion party helping each other, they also help themselves…






    Jordan Levi

    thanks guys, i appreciate that! 🙏🙏🙏

    Bijou Drains

    Just completed reading through the online pamphlet and would like to add my compliments to the author, a well written and well researched pamphlet, written in the accessible style traditionally used by the real Socialist Movement, well done Comrade.

    Hopefully it will persuade a few more to take the red pill not the blue pill


    Good news. Two new members have joined the WSPUS and it looks like one or two more are on the way.  Also an apparently lapsed member who lost contact because of isolation has re-joined and is now on the Party’s discussion forum


    So the first shoots of revival for an organisation that quite recently seemed on the point of collapse


    That is terrific news, Robbo.

    Can you say how the two new members and the prospective learned of the WSPUS and how the estranged ex-members got connected again with the WSPUS. Was he contacted directly?

    Can you give their locations (i’m hoping they live close enough to develop face-to-face interaction)

    I now always try to link to the WSPUS on various US progressive websites when it is relevant and does not appearing as spamming. Hopefully it is adding to the visitor traffic to the WSPUS website.


    Hi Alan


    I checked the messages on the site again. Sorry , its not two but one new member – in Dallas , Texas.  The other one  near Boston is I think still in the process of applying and looks very promising.  So it looks like there are 3 possible applicants for the near future including the other two in south Carolina (?) and Oregon.  Plus one more in California  who is “willing to join only if he can meet one of us face to face”. Also I discovered the ex-member didn’t technically leave the Party but dropped out of activity n the 1990s and now wants to be active again.  Plus there is another SPGBer who has expressed an interest in being active in the WSPUS


    So yes things are looking better than did.  Like you I am interested to learn how all these new contacts came across the WSM. The strategy you are using of posting links to the WSPUS may very well account for some of these new contacts and it just goes to show how even the most isolated member using the internet can contribute to the growth of the WSM

    We need to make much greater use of this strategy.   It is only by generating new contacts that the WSM can hope to grow



Viewing 7 posts - 211 through 217 (of 217 total)
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