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    We have just had 3 requests from twitter users for the three-month free trial subscription, presumably as a result of the offer being mentioned there. 


    What can be done to encourage more members to engage in this sort of activity not just on twitter  but the social media in general.   Things like placing adverts or inserts in newspapers and journals are excellent and need to be done but I am more concerned about addressing the very low level of activity of among members themselves


    How do we encourage them to become more active via the social media when all the evidence suggests this is the most productive thing they can do to contribute to the growth of the WSM.


    This is something I believe the Party seriously needs to address – and soon






    Probably, the person who wrote the article is the one who does not know economics because the surplus-value is produced by the workers and expropriated by the capitalist class. Capitalists do not produce anything and they do not have to work to produce surplus value. Capitalists are legalized, thieves. Like and old friend of mine was to say: We are surrounded by dead labour, all those around us have been stolen from our sweat, and he was a peasant who read  Marx capital, and he never attended Harvard, Yale or Oxford university

    Matthew Culbert

    I replied to the original article.

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Economics

    As below.



    The USA is so backward that some peoples can not stand a Social Democrats, and most commentators do not know anything about Political Economics. I have encountered some peasants who know more about economics and politics that some individuals with a doctorate degree

    Bijou Drains

    There’s a great video on youtube of Ben Shapiro being interviewed by Andrew Neil. He actually accuses Neil of being a leftist!

    To be fair Andrew Neil absolutely hammers him, makes you wonder about his politics, he says he’s a conservative, but on this video he is publicly owned 😀  😀

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    In my neighbourhood, a conservative was known as  a reactionary or recalcitrant, In the USA they want to divide the society in Liberals and conservatives when in reality it is divided between Bourgeoise and Proletarian, exploiter and exploited, workers and non-workers


    An upbeat article on “democratic socialism”


    “…But today’s socialists march into the 2020s without the daunting roadblocks of a century ago. They don’t need their own party anymore. They can just take someone else’s…”

    summarised here

    Democratic socialists failed in the US a century ago but might prevail now. Here’s why.


    I can only view the rule-change for the possible inclusion of the billionaire Bloomberg on the debate panel as evidence of “Anybody but Bernie” now that Biden is increasingly losing support



    Why should we worry who the Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidency is going to be? Let them stop Bernie if they want. Why should we care!


    Another observation


    The nearer it looks like he might be, the more virulent will the attacks be on Sanders. Could it be called the Corbynisation of American politics?

    Trump V Bloomberg may well be Wall St. ideal contest – billionaire V billionaire


    Yet another signal that the Democratic Party is in fear of a Sanders nomination and possible presidency.


    “Democratic National Committee (DNC) insiders are plotting to return superdelegates—unelected party officials and elites—to the first round of voting on the nominee at the party’s 2020 convention this summer in Milwaukee.

    “They’re unlikely to succeed, but this is how desperate they are,” said Menaker.



    On various US progressive websites I have argued that a Sanders presidency would face a united opposition of Republicans and Democratic parties in Congress – he would be an orphan president. His only hope would be by various executive orders. The Washington Post report that he indeed plans to exercise this presidential prerogative.


    But Sanders risks becoming what many suggest Trump is already doing …turning the president into a monarchy, ruling by decree. He would also face innumerable legal challenges that would ultimately be decided by a firmly conservative Supreme Court




    Another dirty trick campaign…stealing the vote and gerrymandering

    Election Theft Is a 120-Year Tradition. Let’s End It This Year.


    Stealing votes and making fraudulent elections in the USA, it is nothing new. Costa Rica which is a very small country in Central America has a more democratic electoral process, and they have medical service for all without electing any leftwingers, indeed most presidents in Costa Rica are right-wingers. The Electoral College is the best  instrument for electoral frauds, The USA  is the only country around the world whereas a president is elected by a minority of voters


    The re-start of the Red Scare smear campaign?

    Hannity: Bernie Sanders.

    Trump: Well, I think he’s a communist. I mean you know, look. I think of communism when I think of Bernie. Now you could say socialist, but didn’t he get married in Moscow? And that’s wonderful, Moscow is wonderful.

    Hannity: Might have been his honeymoon, I’m not sure.

    Trump: You don’t think necessarily, well, whatever. But you don’t necessarily think in terms of marriage, Moscow. And it’s wonderful. I’m not knocking it, but I think of Bernie sort of as a socialist but far beyond a socialist.


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