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    Talking of Maoism I see that Guzman, the leader of a Maoist insurrection in Peru in the 1970s and 1980s died on 13 September. According to the obituary in today’s Times (of London):

    “One morning dead dogs appeared all over the city [Lima] hanging from lamp posts with placards saying : ‘Deng Xiaoping, son of a bitch’ in reference to the reformist Chinese leader who had been rolling back Maoism.”

    We didn’t get anything as dramatic as that in Britain, only stencilled graffiti on lampposts lauding Comrade Guzman and Shining Path, some of which can still be seen.

    Are you going to write anything on him, Marcos, as we need to refute the claim that he led an armed struggle for “Marxist Revolution”?


    ALB, don’t tell you-know-who about the dead dogs.


    Don’t tell me about it either.



    I am working on that.

    The death tolls blamed on Guzman is not completely true, it is propaganda made by Peruvian rights, most of the death was provoked by the government and the armed forces. The main purpose is to defame Marxism and socialism, something similar to the book: The Black Book of Communism, Crimes, Terror, Repression

    A deep study of his movement shows its anti-socialist and anti-Marxist nature and the reactionary and retrograde nature of the so-called Mao Tse Tung thought which has nothing to do with Marxism or socialism,

    Maoism was just a nationalist movement that was applied to the Chinese society and did not have the whole support of the Chinese Peasantry
    and it was also a failure like it was in Latin America, Asia, and Africa

    In Latin America, it was an ideological replacement for Castroism, but in essence, both are the same type of movement, probably Castroism was more applicable to the Latin American nationalist movement than Maoism, both came from the same source which is Stalinism/Leninism


    Before Den Xiaoping became prominent, some Maoist groups and Maoist parties were saying that Mao Tse Tung had sold the Chinese revolution on a red carpet to the World imperialists and the US corporations after Mao made commercial agreements with Richard Nixon, and those organizations became followers of the Albanian tendency headed by Enver Hoxha, and other detach themselves from the government of China and the CPC, therefore the coup was before Den Xiaoping,

    The division became wider when the Chinese leadership started to support the government of Augusto Pinochet, those who defend and support the government of China do not know that they defending a reactionary and retrograde government like the USA, England, or France who also have supported dictators and reactionary leaders, or those that they call Fascists

    Mao was not different from Stalin who also made agreements with the Western capitalists, and with the so-called Fascists of Taiwan

    There was a Stalinist organization that started to question Stalinism ( after they have questioned Maoism ) and when they did it the whole organization fell apart and the whole membership dissolved the party, they should have also questioned Leninism too


    The name Shining Path ( Sendero Luminoso ) was taken from Carlos Mariategui who was a Peruvian Marxist Leninist who also advocated for a peasant/indigenous socialism. Many political movement were inspired by his writings including the Tupamaros, and Evo Morales indigenous movement.

    Three ex leaders of the guerrillas movement became presidents in Latin Americas and they became ally of the ruling class and the corporations, it is not a real shining path

    This is the maxim of the founder of Peru’s first communist party, José Carlos Mariátegui: “El Marxismo-Leninismo abrirá el sendero luminoso hacia la revolución” (“Marxism-Leninism will open the shining path to revolution”). …

    The so called Marxist Leninist government of Peru which also said that they support Jose Carlos Mariategui did not pay respect to the claim of his wife to receive his corpse, instead they passed a law for cremation, and his corpse would be cremated and his ashes would be disposed by the government discretion in a selected location and date. In some countries they could have been legally sued

    His group is not a threat to the government or to the Peruvian society, or it is not even a threat to capitalism. I have not seen any guerrillas movement which has been a threat to capitalism including the group conducted by Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara, or the urban guerrillas from Argentina

    Leftist leaders and guerrillas leaders with more influences than him and with more incidence within the working class in Latin America they have been buried, and the government has created special mausoleum and monuments for them

    It is more hype than anything else

    Most of these groups have been labelled as Marxist by the capitalist press, but they do not have any Marxist foundation, on the contrary, they are a total negation of Marxism and socialism


    The new president of Peru who also believes in the so called indigenous socialism, now he is known as the Peruvian Hopalong Cassidy due to the big hat that he is always wearing. They all started as humble peoples to obtain the vote of the agriculture workers

    The followers of Shining Path did not support him

    Castillo is called a socialist and his party claims to be Marxist Leninist but he supported a new law to cremate all peoples accused of terrorism, or enemy of the state, but the leader of the shining path claimed to be a Marxist Leninist too, and he based his ideas on Mao and Mariategui who was a Marxist Leninist and supported indigenous socialismé_Carlos_Mariátegui


    Al Jazeera reminds us of the bloody consequences of the Shining Path

    Shining Path was responsible for killing at least 28,000 people, most of them from impoverished rural communities, between 1980 and 2000.

    “That is the irony. This poverty is what led to Shining Path, but then they turned on the poor. It was the poor that they were killing,” Tacas said.

    President Pedro Castillo appointed figures accused of being Shining Path sympathisers to the highest levels of his new left-wing government. The appointments prompted a backlash that Castillo was forced this week to change his cabinet just two months into his five-year term.

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