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    One of our members in Kent & Sussex branch gave a talk at a school run by the Bruderhof group of international Christian communes at their centre near Dover earlier this week.   The school is selective but advertised as being open to all applicants and is regulated by OFSTED.  It has 75 pupils aged between 6 and 19.

    Andy T wrote:

    Was an interesting day.  You can read about the group on the web.  Pretty much completely self-contained in terms of growing food, and they run a workshop communally and sell the furniture they produce.  They don’t use money and all property is owned in common. 

    I gave a talk to the most attentive 12-14-year olds I’ve ever met.  Very successful I’d say in getting our ideas across as they are already half way there.  I started with the Ranters and Diggers and John Ball and ran through Marx, Morris and explained how the Chinese ‘communists’ still use money so can’t be socialists. 

    We did come to some verbal blows over human nature and if there’s a place for religion in socialism.  I was open about our hostility to organised religion, but they don’t regard themselves as ‘organised’. 

    The teachers were interested as well, and want to come to one of our meetings with some of the kids, so I’m following up on that.

    steve colborn

    Excellent work comrades.I await with interest, the outcome of the "visit". To get to talk with an "interested" group of teenagers is and of itself remarkable. More power to your efforts K+S branch

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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