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    by Najaya Royal

    Age 14, Brooklyn, NY


    What if the sky was yellow and the sun was blue?

    What if money did not affect if you have a home the same time next year?

    Impossible, right?

    We are the 99% that are not rich

    We are the 99% who do have to worry about bills getting paid each month

    But are the 99% with a voice that can be heard all around the world

    Even though we are frowned upon by the 1%

    Though we are the reason that the 1% are rich

    I mean who else lunch money would they steal and be able to get away with it

    We are all against bullies

    So it’s about time we stand up to the biggest bully of them all

    We were born free

    So why can’t we all live free?

    Why cant we all be equal?

    It is not a racial thing

    It is more like a money thing

    But when did green paper decide where and how should we live

    When did green paper become a barrier and seperate mankind

    This movement right here

    Is going to change the world for the better

    This movement will finally make us a whole


    Tidal Magazine: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy,

    Issue 1, December 2011

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