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    Young Master Smeet

    So, there is some nasty authoritarian legislation before the commons. The new National Security Bill

    It creates a range of offences (that can carry up to life imprisonment, such as:
    “manipulating whether, or how, any person participates in political processes under the law of the United Kingdom”

    The ‘foreign power condition’ includes: “A political party is a governing political party of a foreign government if persons holding political or official posts in the foreign government or part
    of the foreign government” Thus, under this act, if part of our movement were to exercise control in any jurisdiction (whether formally in government or not) then our formal affiliation would render us all liable to criminal sanction.

    Moreover, it creates a general power of arrest:
    “A constable may arrest without a warrant anyone who the constable reasonably suspects is, or has been, involved in foreign power threat activity.” All this takes is a generic ‘reds under the bed’ scare to allow a ‘reasonable’ constable to believe that any person is involved in ‘global bolshevism’ or somesuch to arrest them. Merely being a socialist could easily become subject to such arrestable powers.

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