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    There’s an article in today’s Morning Star putting the Venezuelan nationalists position on the dispute. Not an accident of course that the issue has lain dormant for over a hundred years until oil was discovered in the area.

    As we have always said, wars and threats of war occur over economic matters such as control of raw materials. And the frontiers between Latin American countries are just lines drawn on a map that have changed many times (as can be seen from the article).

    The article concludes “we must all support Venezuela’s stance”. No, we mustn’t. Socialists don’t take sides in disputes between capitalist interests over who controls sources of raw materials.


    They can fool the fools, It is known that this is only a conflict for petroleum and natural resources


    The British are pretty much sticking an oar in: British navy goes to Guyana
    “HMS Trent – a ship used for “defence diplomacy” according to the government – will take part in joint exercises with Guyana after Christmas.”

    Now, Guyana is a former British colony, a Commonwealth member and ‘ally’ of Britain: of course, sending a ship could just be dancing for the British public jingos, but it is also sending a message, and British oil firs presumably stand to benefit from the oil in the current Guyanian territory.


    Plus it’s just (like the Falklands) a convenience to have a “British” war to divert workers’ minds here, again, from their poverty and into patriotic fervour.


    All patriotic wars have a similarities, the ruling class of both sides of the conflict wants the workers to die defending their own interests, and they promote hates among the workers of both sides, nationalism and patriotism, the conflict of Guyana/Venezuela is not different to others so called patriotic conflicts.

    British and USA corporation have large investment in Guyana and they have discovered new offshores energetic resources, and the oil infrastructure is more modern than the ones in Venezuela, and the ruling class of Venezuela is salivating to toke over those resources and machineries to produce profits. and as always the left-wingers are supporting either sides of the capitalist class asking for the defense of the homeland, anti imperialism, and nationalization, but the Russian and Chinese capitalists are also interested in the resources of Guyana.

    This is similar to the Iraq conflict when the USA did not want others capitalists such as China and Russia to take over the oil and natural resources of that nation

    There are billions of dollars in natural resources in Guyana

    Tensions between Venezuela and Guyana

    Venezuela is claiming its ‘territory ” and they have drawn a new map including Guyana.

    The USA is already sending its liberators to fight against communism like in the old days of the Cold War but secretive they are negotiating with Venezuela to buy oil from the main land,

    The Guyana territory would provide easy access to the sea to both sides of the conflict.

    The USA overthrew Zelaya in Honduras to stop Venezuela having access to the Panama Canal thru Central America

    Our case on wars always holds water, they are fought for economic interests, the rivalry between capitalist class, for territories, routes, markets, natural resources and spheres of influences, we do not fall in the trap of nationalism, patriotism and anti imperialism

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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