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    ALB wrote:
    We don't contest elections to get votes but to get our message across.

    I'm actually inclined to think that election time is the *worse* time to try and get our message out. People are looking for things to vote for that offer quick simple fixes to problems they are facing in everyday life, especially in these days of austerity, we just have nothing to offer on this level – we're offering something a lot more abstract and long term…Why not run a co-ordinated 'election' style campaign when there isn't actually an election. Might gain more traction, but then of course might not…


    I stll think election time is a good time to argue our case as it's a time when people read and discuss politics more. You get a better chance to present your case if you actually have a candidate because that gives you some standing (arguing without a candidate is not even half as effective). But we need to choose where we contest better in order to avoid getting a really derisory vote and becoming a laughing stock. Historically, we have always fared better, in terms of votes, in safe Labour seats. Maybe we should stick to that at general elections. Local elections are different as they cost nothing and are a focus for local activity. So, for a different reason, are regional elections, as in Scotland, Wales and London. The areas covered are much larger and the absolute number of votes is more even if the percentage is the same. Pity Brexshit is going to mean no more elections to the European Parliament.


    How we compare: for Green SocialismKensington – John Lloyd 49 (0.1%, -0.2%)Leeds North East – Celia Foote 116 (0.2%, -0.7%)Leeds North West – Mike Davies 47 (0.1%, +0.1%)Communist LeagueIslington North – Andres Mendoza 7 (0.0%, +0.0%)Manchester Gorton – Peter Clifford 27 (0.1%, +0.1%)People Before Profit AllianceWest Belfast – Gerry Carroll 4,132 (10.2%, -9.0%)Socialist Labour PartyBirmingham Perry Barr – Shangara Bhatoe 592 (1.3%, +0.5%)Bootle – Kim Bryan 424 (0.8%, +0.8%)North Cornwall – Robert Hawkins 138 (0.3%, +0.3%)Socialist Party of Great BritainBattersea – Daniel Lambert 32 (0.1%, +0.1%)Islington North – Bill Martin 21 (0.0%, -0.2%)Swansea West – Brian Johnson 92 (0.2%, -0.1%)Workers PartyBelfast North – Gemma Weir 360 (0.7%, -1.6%)Belfast West – Conor Campbell 348 (0.9%, -0.8%)Workers Revolutionary PartyCamberwell and Peckham – Aminata Sellu 131 (0.2%, +0.0%)Ealing Southall – Arj Thiara 362 (0.8%, +0.8%)Hackney South and Shoreditch – Jonty Leff 86 (0.2%, +0.1%)Hornsey and Wood Green – Anna Athow 55 (0.1%, +0.0%)Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough – Mike Driver 137 (0.3%, +0.3%)Just to echo Adam's suggestion, we should target safe Labour seats, but, I'd add, we should target left-wing Labour MPs in safe seats.I'd defend the Islington north campaign, it did raise our profile, and I think the area is worth persevering with (it'll be interestig to se our council election result).

    Young Master Smeet wrote:
    I'd defend the Islington north campaign, it did raise our profile, and I think the area is worth persevering with (it'll be interestig to se our council election result).

    It transpires that many, if not all, of our election communications in Islington North were not delivered by Royal Mail to households until the day after the election.


    An official complaint should be made to Royal Mail with the proof of this negligence on the part of RM and compensation demanded with threat that if we are not given satisfaction, then we will not only take the complaint further up the RM management chain but will also raise the situation with Electoral Commission and with Ofcom.I know Delivery Office management styles, they are petty dictators in their fiefdoms but once they feel threatened by higher authorities, they buckle and that is why it is necessary to use the full force of our Party, writing protests in the name of the General Secratary but also another from the Election agent and candidate. It happened previously in 2015, i recall. In future, it is worth a call at the delivery office a few days in advance of polling day to check that they are in the process of being delivered.


    I understand it's the fault of the Royal Mail artwork section. They buggered us about by requesting one change, which we made, and then asked for a second, which we also made, but too late to get the leaflets to the delivery centres by the last day by which they guaranteed delivery by election day.If they’d asked us to make both changes at the same time, this wouldn't have happened.


    Me and another comrade received ours in advance of the election, so it can't have been all.  I saw evidence on twitter of others receiving.


    Yes, it would have been just one of the following postcode offices:

    E2 700,N1 3500,
    N4 8000,
    N5 12600,
    N7 14100,
    N16 1500,
    N19 16500,
    NW5 300

    Hopefully E2 or NW5 (or even N16) !


    145 votes into £1,500 in lost deposits, that's what? £10.34 a vote? Well I for one don't think there's anything funny about it at all. No, really.

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