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    BRS Reader states the present version does not talk of successively and progressively more left wing governments nor of how an explicitly socialist or communist one might come about.

    This is perfectly true. It talks of a “left government”, but, unlike the 1978 BRS, does not define what a “left government” would be, and then seems to assume this government will first try and implement the Left Wing programme (a modest list of mildly reformist palliatives), and will then have to progressively democratise the state until it is so democratic it becomes the state of the working people and we have arrived in socialism.

    At least the 1978 Edition recognised that in order to implement socialist measures, rather than simply left wing ones, you need a socialist government elected. One which has a profound understanding of the nature of class divided capitalist society, the role of the state within that, and a clear conception of the socialist nature of society required to supersede it.

    One could argue, like the constitutionalist SPGB, you need to elect a socialist government from the outset i.e. if you elect a left reformist government you will inevitably get a left reformist policy, which is then dramatically reversed as the left government is forced to face up to capitalist realities.

    One can criticise the 1978 edition for unrealism and mechanical progression in depicting the evolution of more and more left and then socialist governments, but at least it bothers to set out a credible scenario and recognised the aim and the need of having a socialist government in power.

    The CPB didn’t like this scenario as they were aware it was criticised from the left in the CPGB as reformist, but they “resolved” this by simply removing any such discussion from their versions of the BRS.

    Assuming a vague undefined left government (would Corbyn and MacDonnell pass the test?) would progressively implement first a Left Wing Programme and then socialism is even worse and more reformist than the 1978.

    Avoiding any discussion of how we might get a socialist or communist government in Britain is the complete opposite of a strategic perspective.

    Bijou Drains

    "constitutionalist SPGB"I would prefer the to use Sean Lemass 1928 description of Fianna Fail, I would say we are a "slightly constitutional party"

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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