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    Dave T

    I have just finished reading Thoughts on Democracy and Brexit by Dave Alton which I found to be interesting especially the thoughts on how a socialist democracy would operate. For me socialist democracy is essential to ensure that every person becomes involved in decision making. Also with the advent of the internet then democracy becomes even more feasible. Whatever happens socialist democracy will be more meaningful than the present mockery of democracy which is the present form.


    Unless we can come up with a political solution to the problem of democratising ‘science’, then we’ll always be in thrall to ‘The Experts’.

    ‘Matter’ has to be regarded as a social product, that we can change, to suit our purposes when engaged in social production.

    ‘Matter’ is the biological/physical counterpart to ‘private property’, according to bourgeois ideology.

    As you say, ‘socialist democracy is essential to ensure that every person becomes involved in decision making‘. That includes the ‘material’.

    This view is Marx’s view: democratic social production by us, not by a self-selecting body of ‘experts’.


    Dave T – is David Alton a Lexiteer?  I find it curious that some leftists have rallied to the cause of Brexit even to the point of standing as candidates for the right wing jingoistic Brexit Party of Nigel Farage.  I am thinking of people like Claire Fox and George Galloway .  Their rationalisations for such blatant opportunism are worse than pathetic in my opinion


    I am afraid you got the wrong end of the stick there, Robbo. Dave Alton is the author of an article on page 5 of the November Socialist Standard here:

    Brexit and Democracy: The Value of Your Vote

    and so no Lexiteer.


    Ah OK,  I didn’t realise that this was an article in the SS written by a member! My apologies  I thought it was a book that had just been published

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