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    Young Master Smeet

    USA Today reveals flats built with Money Laundering MOney

    “The reporting reveals for the first time that early condo sales exhibit telltale signs of a money laundering scheme. Experts said cutting corners on construction often accompanied money laundering. At Champlain South, engineers noted an incorrectly designed pool deck and improperly constructed support columns. Money laundering might have meant that some early buyers weren’t living in the condo building or concerned with its long-term maintenance.”

    “Even when engineers finally alerted residents to design flaws that were causing chronic water intrusion and growing damage to concrete, the arguments and delays over needed repairs did not focus on safety but about the cost and inconvenience of fixing the problems.”

    98 people died because capitalism puts money before basic sound construction.


    Most of those buildings were constructed when there was a boom of real estate in Miami and they were built quickly without making any study about the ground of that area, and on top of wetland and unstable ground, and cutting corners to produce immediate profits and reduce cost, and they used money from the organized crime like in Las Vegas.

    In most of the buildings constructed in Qatar, the columns were placed inside the rock base below the sand and they can stand winds and ground movements but they did a geological study before constructing them using civil engineering code.

    They are doing the same thing in the Caribbeans like in Maimi, and the Russian mafia has invested a huge amount of money in real estate and the Chinese too and those real estate projects can not be afforded by poor people some apartments and houses cost 8 million dollars and only the drug dealers can buy them and they are used as money laundering. The average price of a house in that area was around $500.00 dollars.

    One civil engineer said that most of those buildings are going to collapse due to an earthquake in the Caribbean because there are two faults in that area which slip one on top of the other one and they have not done a proper ground study and they have not been built properly because they want to obtain profits and a big return on their investments and they are cutting corners, sea erosion is also affecting most of the hotels like in Miami

    Real Estate investment is one of the best sources for money laundering, that is the reason why they can not find the fortune of El Chapo, and some US senators wanted to use his money to build Trump wall

    Saint Donald Trump also had an investment in Tourism and real estate in the Caribbean and he sold some of his properties to people involved in the drug traffic, that is money laundering too, and most of his followers do not know that, or they do not care about it


    A collapsed Lagos high-rise building, bringing the death toll to 22 people, the emergency services said.

    Two other smaller buildings in Lagos also collapsed on Tuesday following heavy rains in the densely populated city a day earlier, though no one was killed, he said.

    Building collapses are tragically common in Lagos and across Africa’s most populous nation where substandard materials, negligence and a lack of enforcement of construction standards are major problems.

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