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    Another pretext to request more funds for wars, they were always behind the soviet union and it was the opposite way, and they know that North Korea does not have long-range missiles.


    US Military Interests Are Promoting a Culture of Fear With China

    ongoing pattern on the part of the U.S. government and corporate media structure that reinforces and instigates dangerous preexisting geopolitical tensions with China, a rhetorical theme unnecessarily produced by a Sinophobic bipartisan U.S. political elite.


    There is already a war taking place – a war of words. The battlefield is the internet.

    China’s Vision on Common Prosperity

    Common prosperity is NOT common ownership


    The writer of that article does not know the reality of the Chinese society and how capitalism has developed in China


    Do I detect a covert campaign to promote China’s interests?

    China and Solutions to Climate Change


    China’s military has deployed long-range bomber planes to its border with India, in a move described by analysts as a strong but measured warning.


    In 2030 several cities and countries are going to be under water, all of them are just playing games. There is one city in Canada that has been flooded already


    The United States and the European Union say China’s activities “undermined peace and security in the region,” and stressed the need to manage “competition and systemic rivalry”

    Herve Blejean, director general of the EU military staff, said there could be greater EU-US coordination to “express our strong desire to defend international law at sea against de facto policies that we’ve seen in the South China Sea.”


    US will not send diplomats to upcoming Winter Games over China’s rights abuses

    “No invitation has been extended to US politicians whatsoever, so this ‘diplomatic boycott’ simply comes out of nowhere,” China’s embassy spokesperson Liu Pengyu

    Young Master Smeet

    Time for Axel Rose to take a bow:

    Chinese Democracy

    “It outlines the various levels of popular representation in China — with people’s congresses elected at township and county level by all adult citizens, and higher congresses at provincial and national level elected by the lower congresses.

    With more than 900 million people participating in the most recent township and county elections, electing nearly 2.5 million representatives, they are the largest direct elections anywhere in the world, it says, adding that voter turnout at around 90 per cent is higher than in the US where 66 per cent voted in the last presidential election. It also outlines China’s consultative procedures for formulating policies and laws, and points to the role of “people’s supervisors” who inspect and monitor the operation of the courts.”

    Fnar. Wikipedia puts it succinctly:
    “Elections in the People’s Republic of China are based on a hierarchical electoral system, whereby local People’s Congresses are directly elected. All higher levels of People’s Congresses up to the National People’s Congress (NPC), the national legislature, are indirectly elected by the People’s Congress of the level immediately below.[1] The NPC Standing Committee may partially alter laws passed by the NPC when the NPC is not in session, which is significant since the Standing Committee meets more frequently than the NPC.[2]”

    “Elected leaders remain subordinate to the corresponding CCP secretary, and most are appointed by higher-level party organizations.[43] Furthermore, while legally responsible for the oversight of the administration, it is difficult for a person in a people’s congress without party support to exercise effective control or power over the administration of the executive at a given level.”

    Bijou Drains

    And yet the trots and the Leninist still preach “democratic” centralism


    Australia and the UK to join the USA in a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics


    The USA is a champion in the so-called human rights violations, What rights can human beings have in a society divided into social classes? It is only a legal ilusion. It is part of the struggle for world domination and world hegemony between China and the USA


    Having scolded Russia for its militarist posturing, America warns China of its aggressive actions,

    “That’s why there is so much concern – from north-east Asia to south-east Asia and from the Mekong River to the Pacific Islands – about Beijing’s aggressive actions.

    “Claiming open seas as their own. Distorting open markets through subsidies to its state-run companies. Denying the exports or revoking deals for countries whose policies it does not agree with.”


    Having threatened Russia with severe sanctions if it invades Ukraine, China warns America it would strike back in retaliation if sanctions were to be imposed upon it.

    “We urge the US to immediately withdraw the relevant wrong decision and stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and harming China’s interests. If the US acts recklessly, China will take effective measures to strike back resolutely.”

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