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    BB Codes are now enabled on the forums to enable formatting in posts and replies.

    The following is a list of available BB Codes.

    The syntax is [element] Your content here [/element]

    List of Standard BBCodes

    Bold [b]{content}[/b]
    Italic [i]{content}[/i]
    Underline [u]{content}[/u]
    Strikethrough [s]{content}[/s]
    Align: Center [center]{content}[/center]
    Align: Right [right]{content}[/right]
    Align: Left [left]{content}[/left]
    Align: Justify [justify]{content}[/justify]
    Horizontal Line [hr]
    Subscript [sub]{content}[/sub]
    Superscript [sup]{content}[/sup]
    Reverse [reverse]{content}[/reverse]
    Font Size [size size=”{size}”]{content}[/size]
    Font Color [color color=”{color}”]{content}[/color]
    Preformatted [pre]{content}[/pre]
    Blockquote [blockquote]{content}[/blockquote]
    Border [border]{content}[/border]
    Area [area]{content}[/area]
    [area area=”{title}”]{content}[/area]
    Block [div]{content}[/div]
    List: Ordered [list]{content}[/list]
    List: Ordered [ol]{content}[/ol]
    List: Unordered [ul]{content}[/ul]
    List: Item [li]{content}[/li]
    Quote [quote]{content}[/quote]
    [quote quote={id}]{content}[/quote]

    List of Advanced BBCodes

    URL [url]{link}[/url]
    [url url=”link”]{text}[/url]
    Image [img]{image_url}[/img]
    [img img=”{width}x{height}”]{image_url}[/img]
    [img width={x} height={y}]{image_url}[/img]
    YouTube Video [youtube]{id}[/youtube]
    [youtube width={x} height={y}]{id}[/youtube]
    [youtube width={x} height={y}]{url}[/youtube]
    Vimeo Video [vimeo]{id}[/vimeo]
    [vimeo width={x} height={y}]{id}[/vimeo]
    [vimeo width={x} height={y}]{url}[/vimeo]
    Google Search URL [google]{search}[/google]
    Note [note]{content}[/note]
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